Tools & Resources You'll Need To Beat The Game

These are the tools we teach about our buyer's guide, Hustlewise: Insiders Expose the Tricks to the Copier Trade.

Color Prints. Overnight. Down to $0.10 a Page!

If your color printing needs AREN'T high enough to reasonably upgrade to your own machine (less than $400/mo or less than 3000 prints a month), or they just AREN'T consistent enough yet to do so - there is an equally fast and much cheaper way to do this.

Use Overnight Prints. They are VERY fast, VERY cheap & VERY crisp on the color images. Plus they give you all sorts of FREE stuff!! No Strings Attached! Free biz cards, free rubber stamps, free pens, free websites even! Click here to see what I mean.
New Customers - 30% Off Your First Order.

This is how it works:
When you go to their site, they will ask you to upload the file you want printed. They are a MASSIVE printer here in the States and will print it off faster, sharper and on better paper than your local guy will. THEN they will FedEx it to you overnight so that you have it by the next day.

The printing AND shipping - will STILL be cheaper than your local guy. Try it. It can get lower than a DIME for a full color 8.5"x11", letter-sized page! Whoa!..

Get a Quote From Your Local Dealerships...W/O Reps!

This Kind of Quote WIll Save You 20-30%
This is brilliant. It takes 60 seconds.
Its just 15 questions and BAM! You are done.
Its free and there is no obligation, but you WILL save money by doing this!
And it will bring the prices down no matter where you are in the buying process!

I will send your survey answers to your
local copier dealerships (via a copier network of which I'm a part) to have reps generate proposals for you. Because sales reps know that they are ALL being called in to give you a quote, THEY WILL DROP THEIR PRICES from the get-go just to stand out!

Buy A Great, Inexpensive Copier Online

IT guys love this idea. Buy a copier online. Its easier. Its cheaper. No reps involved.

You'll save on the front end with the copier price, and on the back end with the service and supplies.

The copier is shipped to your door, and then installed, connected and services by a local dealership. HP does it best. Go here to see what I mean.

Tip: When you choose your "duty cycle," if you need a "standing office copier...aka a normal sized copier and not just a desktop one, then you must choose "120,000 copies a month or more." I know that sounds weird, but the volume that a copier can handle in a given month is about a 1/10 of what is stated in brochures and fliers due to the manufactures vying, and thus lying, for government bids.;sVID=11401377;f.0.e.0=0;f.0.s=0;f.0.mod=1;f.1.e.0=0;f.1.e.1=1;f.1.s=1;f.1.mod=1;f.2.e.0=2;f.2.s=2;f.2.mod=1;f.3.e.0=0;f.3.s=4;f.3.mod=1;f.4.e.0=4;f.4.s=5;f.4.mod=1;f.5.e.0=0;f.5.s=6;f.5.mod=1;f.6.e.0=6;f.6.s=7;f.6.mod=1

Toner, Ink & Paper. Super Cheap. Overnight.

I know that there are 1 BILLION places online to buy office supplies - but here are a few that I think you will find with refreshingly LOW PRICES, great quality and speed.

For new cartridges, go here...
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!

For refills, go here...Free shipping on printing supplies

For a great "Buy-Back-Your-Old-Cartridges" program, go here...

For quality paper (especially for color prints), go here...

High-Speed, High-Volume Scanners

Here is the best group online that I know of...

They sell reliable machines. Fast ones that can handle tons of paper! These machines are more expensive than you would think, but these folks sell them cheaper than anyone else.

Go here...

Document Imaging/Management Software

If you really want to use the scanning features on your copier, to get rid of paper and clutter, be able to send an email or desktop fax using pages from various applications, etc, then you'll want to use Paperport. Its $99 and will BLOW YOUR MIND with how many things it will do. You'll wonder how you ever got by without it before.

US - Buy PaperPort 12

If you want to scan in a letter or document and have some software "read" it for you and turn it into an editable Word, Excel, etc file so that you can change or manipulate it WITHOUT having to retype and re-format it all - then OminPage is what you need. Its just $149 for the standard version and $499 for the Pro version (which you will want to use if you buy a HIGH VOLUME scanner).

The same company, Nuance, makes them both. They are the industry leaders.

Click the links below to go straight to the site.

US Imaging - OmniPage 17

Document Imaging Dealers

Sorry we are working on this tool as well. It should be back up and running by the end of June.

These guys may not be local, but they can help you figure out what your document imaging, storing and retrieval needs are and find the closest reseller in your area to help install it.


Variable Data Software

Sorry we are working on this tool as well. It should be back up and running by the end of June.

These guys have a great package that is easy to use and they have great customer support to help you at any time.

Go to...

Impositioning Software & Digital Paper Slitters

If you'll remember Rule #10, you'll need these two tools to save HUGE on the "single click" ledger setting on color machines, that way you can print your image 2-4-8 times on 1 sheet of big paper and then cut it down. You get charged just 1 click, but get multiple pages out of the deal.

You'll have to spend some of your savings to buy these though.

On the impositioning software, the software that puts 2-4-8 images on the page, the best/easiest out there is simply Photoshop Elements. It will allow you to take your image, and then repost it on the same page again, so that you have 2 or 4 images on one sheet of paper. Then print it. Then cut it with the paper cutter below.
Photoshop Elements 8 - License

On the digital paper slitter, yes, you need an industrial-grade, electronic slitter and not the manual, office paper cutter in the back room. These good ones will cut fast, sharp lines with razor sharp blades, normally 200-400 sheets at a time. The small, manual one in the back simply won't do the professional level job you will want.

You can do 3 things to creatively put NOT have to fork out any cash
1) Find a graphic designer to make these images 2-up on a page for you until you can afford the software, then print it, save the click charges, then take the prints to KINKO's or OFFICEMAX or somewhere and have them cut it.

Its much slower this way and since you are bringing in outsiders, there is a risk of them messing up your stuff, but its cheaper.


2) You can get your rep to make the lease payment to be $100-150 MORE than the copier is worth and NOT listing those items on the lease (so that you don't have to return them at the end of the lease because the extra money just looks like profit to the lease company), cutting a check to you when they get paid by the lease company. You then turn around and buy the items above.


3) You can just go to your local bank and get/use a business line of credit. That way, you buy what you need and then just pay the bank monthly, like you would on a CC or a lease.

Print Production Secrets

If you want all the good, insider info on the big machines, go here.

Total Cost of Ownership Calculator

Sorry we are working on this tool as well. It should be back up and running by the end of June.

This is a great tool to use to both see if its wise to go ahead and upgrade today, and to convince the stingy, money-tight, decision makers too.

Here is the Total Cost of Ownership Calculator.

Cost Justification Proposal

This works with the Total Cost of Ownership calculator. Fill this out with all the right info and give this to the decision makers to SHOW THEM the cost savings.

You could compare using desktop copiers and printers and faxes to an office sized copier, or a 3 year lease to a 5 year lease, or a cash deal versus a lease deal, etc.

You should have your new copier in no time!

Here is your Copier Cost Justification Proposal

Customizable Request for Proposal (RFP)

Ok, this is the cool one! This will take about 20-30 mins to think through and customize, but this tool here will save you LOTS of headaches on the backend.

Just open it up, change anything you want to in BOLD. Read my directions in YELLOW, then delete all directions before saving it.

Then fax/email/"snail mail" it to the local copier dealerships. They will send the EXACT same form back - all with the exact same specs - yet with only differing prices.

It gets all the salesmen off your doorstep and phone, and tells them up front that you are all about price. Once you narrow down the race some, then bring in your preferred reps and make it still about price, but also about service terms and lease terms as well.

MFP Request for Proposal

Copier Testing Companies

These guys are like the "Consumer Reports" of the copier world.

They rate the copier brands and models that you are being proposed to see if they are REALLY all that your sales rep promises that they are (or is it just the only kind he sells, so he HAS to brag about it!?)

Each one makes you pay like $150 to access their database, but as I said about the price of my eBook, its nothing compared to the hell you will be put through if you make a bad decision!

Ask the copier rep from the largest dealership in town to get you a FREE side-by-side report comparing the copiers you are looking at (which will show spec's only), as well as the individual testing reports for the machines (the detailed testing results). He should have access to these reports if the dealership is worth it's salt.

Here you go...
Buyer's Lab
Business Equipment Research & Test Labs
Better Buys for Business

End-of-Lease Management

Ok, here we go:

For your pre-pay letter to the lease company, you need this...
(This is for paying the copier lease payments off early so that you can get a new machine TODAY!)

For your intention letter to the lease company, you need this...
(This is for telling the lease company which option you INTEND to take at the end of the lease term.)

For your shipping instructions from the lease company, you need this...
(This is for continuing to get on them to send you the darn shipping instructions!)

For your buyout letter to the lease company, you need this...
(This is for telling the lease company that you will pay out the remaining payments due PLUS the balloon payment or $1, so that you can own the machine - thus not needing shipping directions.)

Lastly, you can go to TTR Shipping for them to handle all of your end-of-lease management issues - like storage and shipping the copier back to the lease company.